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The router- Forwarded external port 12345 to port 80 on the DVR- Forwarded external port 34567 to port 34567 on the DVR- Forwarded external port 34599 to port 34599 on the DVR- Even forwarded the rtsp ports from each of the cameras (7 of them) with 3330 - 3336 pointing to each IPs of the cameras port 554- Sets up a DDNS account i made from No-IP on it (the ISP change the WAN IP regularly so i think i needed to set DDNS)- Sets up a remote access on the router so i can access it from home The PC i use to set up all of the above are next to the router.If you want to meet the most beautiful Philippine women on the internet, then look no further. These girls actually want to meet you, get to know you, and make you feel really really good.The Angel Eye system, installed recently at Baptist Health, uses a camera that’s placed at the baby’s bedside and provides live-stream video.Loved ones can log into a secure account from their laptop, tablet or smart phone to check in on their newborn.The system is not actually mine, it is my friend's.He asked me to set it up at his new house, and wanting to monitor them with any available media (computer, tv and mobile)So he bought this Angeleyes 16 channel H2.64 DVR along with 7 ip cameras. He use his Linksys WRT54G router (already flashed with DD-WRT firmware) to connect to a cable modem.The web-based NICU camera and audio system is accessed through a password protected, HIPPA compliant website.Introducing the camera system was the idea of Kelly Gallagher of North Wales, whose twin boys were born eight weeks early and admitted to Holy Redeemer Hospital’s NICU.

Charge the Angel Eye by connecting to the USB of your computer or with the battery cradle.

Kelli Savage and her fiancé John Pryor both of Hamburg were the first parents to enroll in the hospital’s program.

This new camera technology has allowed Savage and Pryor to return to their home two and half hours away, but still keep an eye on their son, Raylan.

Raylan, who was born three months before his due date at only 1 pound and 6 ounces, has been in BHMC-Little Rock’s NICU since May 14.

After a month of visiting their son several days during the work week, the couple had to return to their jobs fulltime.

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